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Constant Content Jobs – Worth Your Time or Scam? – Review

Are Constant Content jobs worth the time and effort? Is this a good freelance writing platform where you can make some decent money on your own schedule? Is it a possible scam? Find out…

Freelance writing can be a nice opportunity because of the freedom that comes with this type of work… You have the flexibility to work when you want and you can work from wherever you want.

But there are lots of different opportunities like this out there. Constant Content it is just one of them and in this quick review of the jobs they offer I hope to give you a better idea of whether or not this is the right opportunity for you.

What Is Constant Content?

Constant Content is a service that provides content to clients looking for content. And of course you, being the freelance writer, can get paid to write this content.

All in all this is definitely one of the better freelance writing platforms I have come across. They are professional and pay pretty good, but of course there is always a downside and the downside here is that getting accepted is not easy.

The platform they have is very well laid out and makes it easy for freelance writers to manage projects and really turn this into a nice money maker, whether just on the side or full time.

Job Overview

At Constant Content you will be able to write various types of content while responding to specific requests or even write content before requests have been made, which I will touch more on in a bit. I know that may sound a little bit confusing.

The types of content talking about include things like…

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • eBooks
  • Product descriptions
  • White papers

…. and these could be on all sorts of things. As far as I know, there isn’t really anything off-limits.

And, since this is a freelance platform you are going to be able to “brand yourself” so to speak. You will create your own writer profile which includes uploading a picture of yourself and a description, in which you want to include all relevant qualifications and achievements.

Clients are obviously going to be able to see your profile so it is important that you make it look very professional.


One of the big lures to a job like this, which is a huge upside, is the fact that you get to work whenever you want. As always you are submitting work in a timely manner (when responding to requests) then you are pretty much good to go, which makes it a great way to earn extra income on the side.

Ways to Get Paid

1) Submit Articles to Your Catalogue

The first and most common way to get paid is by submitting articles to your “catalog”. Basically what you do here is write content before a client asks for it. You write content and then upload it to your catalog, which clients can then come along and purchase at their own leisure.

You are going to want to include good keywords in your content so that clients can easily find it when searching for specific types of content for whatever it is they are in need of.

2) Submit Requests

You will also be able to earn money by submitting content for specific requests.

Clients are able to request specific articles, white papers, blog posts, etc. and this request can either be made public or private.

If the request is made private directly to you, then that is that… The project is all yours to complete and get paid for.

However, if the request is made up public then this means that other writers can also submit their content as well and the client will choose which he/she wants to purchase. If yours is not selected it will be added to your catalogue, which can then be purchased as talked about in the 1st way to earn discussed above.

Clients also have the ability to submit requests to specific “writer pools”, which are basically groups of writers that have expertise in a certain field, category, whatever the case. In this situation you would also be competing with other writers and it is possible that your work will not be chosen.

Content Review

After submitting content it will then be subject to review and it is possible that it could get denied if it has too many mistakes, self promotions, or just doesn’t really follow the instructions very well.

The review process takes around 3 to 5 days, or at least that is what they tell you on their website. However, from what I have heard it doesn’t take nearly as long when you’re submitting  content requests.

How Good is The Pay?

On the website they state that their top earners are making over $90,000 a year, which is some pretty darn good money. However, you definitely cannot expect to be making anywhere close to this one starting out.

One of the nice things about this platform is that you are able to set your own price on the work that is submitted to your catalogue. When responding to requests the price is already outlined by the client, but with the work in your catalog you set the price. But of course you can’t set it too high or you aren’t going to get any buyers.

CC takes a 35% cut out of the profits, but you can still earn some pretty decent money. For example: Seeing a 1,000 word article self for $75 or so is nothing unusual… And after they take their 35% cut you would be getting just under $50, which is a lot better than many other freelance writing sites out there.

But… Like I said it is difficult when starting out on a site like this. You start out without any sort of reputation and this is the hard part to really get going. Once you start getting a reputation and building relationships with clients, then you really start having the ability to boost your earnings.

As far as payments go, you are paid via PayPal at the first week of each month.

Requirements & The Application Process

If you want to apply, let me first start out by saying it ain’t easy. Well, I mean the process is easy, but getting accepted is not easy. They state that around 80% of their applicants are turned down each month because of how competitive it is and the limited amount of people they let in.

But if you want to give it a go the process is as follows…

  1. Register – You will first need to fill out a short form and provide them with personal information and all that good stuff. You can do this here.
  2. Take Quiz – Then you will have to take a quiz… and pass it of course.
  3. Submit Sample – Laslty you are going to have to submit a 100-250 word writing sample.

I was reading another review in which the person recommends that you send your sample through a service like Grammarly to help check for mistakes and also have someone else proofread it. There is no time limit on submitting this as far as I know so this is definitely possible to do.

What Writers Are Saying About It

Like any place of this type, there are lots of mixed reviews.

When you read the reviews on the official website of course you are only going to hear good things. The only show you the incredible reviews from people who have been writing for them for years and really love it.

However, when you go to independent review sites like SiteJabber where anyone can leave reviews, you find a different story. And actually I was pretty surprised with what I found. A lot of reviews were pretty negative which reminded me of another lesser quality platform I reviewed recently called WriterBay.

There are a fair number of people complaining about the lack of support that this place offers, content being rejected with no good reason and no ability to resubmit, complaints about the pay being too low and so on.

Overall the rating was a 2.4 out of 5.

All that said, I have also read a number of independent reviews that really love this place. So it just depends… Many of those complaining are probably new to it all and are upset with the low pay, which is often result of simply being new.

Conclusion – Worth Your Time? Scam?

That all depends. It “can” possibly be worth your time, but then again it “might” not be. This depends on many different variables, such as how good of a writer you are, what types of content you’re going to be creating, whether or not you build relationships with good clients and so on.

What I would suggest if you are still looking on joining is to start out slow and kind of “test the waters”. See how much potential it has for yourself and go from there.

They are definintely not a scam so if you want to apply then go for it.

You might also be interested in looking at this post I wrote that goes over some other similar freelance writing opportunities.

Another Good Alternative

Have you ever considered going a completely different route and  writing for yourself online?

This is what I do and I make over $6000 a month consistently doing so. It is slow to start out but it definitely has a lot of potential, more so than I see with freelance writing.

But anyways… You can  read this guide I put together that explains everything, including the whole process and how to get started.

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WriterBay Website
Freelance Writing Jobs

WriterBay Review – Scam or Good Freelance Opportunity?

If you are looking to make money doing freelance writing online then WriterBay is one of the options you have. BUT… Is this a good option? Or could WriterBay possibly be a scam that is just going to be a waste of your time?

Luckily you came across my review here and I am going to give you a good look at the opportunity that this place offers and whether or not it is going to be worth it for you.

There our a lot of different freelance writing opportunities out there, so you are by no means limited to just a few. You can always take a look at this list of 15 similar opportunites for other options.

WriterBay Review

  • Website:
  • Opportunity: Freelance writing
  • Focus: Academic papers
  • Legit?: Yes

In a nutshell, WriterBay it is a platform that matches up freelance writers with clients looking to pay people to write. In particular, this place is focused on providing the service of writing academic papers. So if you do apply here and get accepted, that is what you will be doing, writing academic papers.

Overall the platform isn’t too bad. The pay is decent and of course the job comes with the benefits of being incredibly flexible and can do it from anywhere, but there are some downsides I will discuss.

Let’s first go over how the job works…

How The Job Works

After you apply and get accepted, which I will go over in a big, you will be able to choose which writing projects you want to complete. They will post new writing jobs daily and you will simply be able to skim through them and do what you want.

Of course you will want to pick a project that you have expertise in, and if not you probably will not get accepted. Before completing a project the client will have to accept you (unless you have PRO writer status – more on this).

Next you will simply read over the instructions and completely writing. Then after uploading the work it will be reviewed and once it is approved you get paid… Simple as that.


As I briefly mentioned earlier, there is no schedule. You get to pick and choose what projects you want to do and if you don’t feel like working one day, you don’t have to.

This is one of the beauties of a freelance job like this, you can fit it around any sort of schedule.

Getting Paid

They state on the website that it is possible to get paid up to $20 per page that you write, and that you can even make a full-time income with this. Now whether or not you would consider this a “full-time” income is a matter of opinion, but the point is that there is at least some decent money to be made.

One of the downsides is that you only get paid once a month, between the 16th in the 20th. You will need at least $100 in your account in order to get paid.

Options for payment include:

  • Payoneer
  • Global Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney

PRO Status

If you want to make more money then you have to prove that you can write well. It is possible to move up to PRO Writer status and get better paying projects.

  • PRO Light Writers – Get 15% bonus on completed work
  • PRO Writers – Get 25% bonus and ability to get more work easier

Requirements and The Application Process

Another downside to this particular freelance writing platform is that they do require that you have a bachelor degree, or at least that is how it seems. I found they specifically state you must have a bachelor degree at one point yet it seems that you might only need a certificate or proof of higher education at another point.

But if you do have a bachelor degree than your definitely good to go.

The application process is as follows…

1) Registration – First you will have to fill out some information and register, which you can do here. This includes giving personal information and providing contact into.

2) Testing – Next you will have to passgrammar and formatting tests. The grammar test is multiple choice and consists of 15 questions. The formatting test has to do with your knowledge of formatting styles, which are APA, MLA and Chicago format.

You will be scored out of 15 points and only have to get 10 or more to pass.

2) Upload – Lastly you will have to upload your diploma, certificate, or academic transcripts. You will also have to submit a writting sample on a topic they give you.

After that all is completed you will simply have to wait to hear from them. They will evaluate all you have done and get in touch with you if you are accpeted. It could take up to 2 weeks they state on the website, so you might have to be patient.

If you really want the job then put in your best effort on the writing sample. If you are denied you can’t reapply for an entire year!

What Other Writers Are Saying

One thing that I always make a point of doing is looking into what other writers are saying when I review a place like this. I want to hear from more than just the company themselves.

Glassdoor is a good website to find independent reviews from people who have actually worked at places, which I was able to find quite a few good reviews of. All in all you find many mixed opinions, which is what I expected. The negative and positive opinions of this place were pretty even, giving it an overall rating of 2.6 out of 5 stars.

You will find good reviews like this…

And this…

But then again there were also some pretty darn negative reviews basically saying that the site is horrible and even going as far to say that it is slave labor…

I also read through quite a few reviews on another very popular independent review site called SiteJabber. Here it had an overall rating of 2.9 out of 5 stars with around 80 reviews total… A little bit better but still pretty much the same story.

After reading through the many reviews from people who have worked at WriterBay I must say that I’m a bit disappointed. It seems that they could definitely improve with how they treat their writers it also seems that the opportunity isn’t quite as good as it may seem if you are only reading the information provided on the WriterBay website.

Conclusion – Scam or Good Opportuntity?

First things first… This place is definitely not a scam. While there are some people claiming that it is, the simple fact is that it is not. They do pay their writers and they do run a legitimate business.

That said, whether or not this place is worth your time is a different question. In my personal opinion I think there are better freelance sites out there.

Another Potentially Lucrative Choice:

You may also consider doing what I do. I write for myself online and make a lot more than most freelancers do. In fact, I’ve been making over $6000 a month pretty consistently now.

If you are interested in making more for the writing you do and writing for yourself, I suggest taking a look at THIS GUIDE I put together that will show you exactly what I do and how to get started doing it.

Comments or questions? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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Freelance Writing Jobs

15 Sites Like iWriter – For All The Freelance Writers Out There

Looking for sites like iWriter? I've compiled a list for you of other great alternatives that you are going to love.

iWriter is far from the only freelance writing site out there. As online business grows and more more traditional businesses increase their presence online, the opportunity to work as a freelance writer also increases. And this is great if you like to write... right?

15 Sites Like iWriter for Freelance Writers

So anyways... without further ado... let's get right into this because I don't want to waste your time. However, it's important to briefly touch upon what iWriter is and the opportunity they offer before we move on to the list of alternatives.

What Is iWriter Exactly?

iWriter, in a nutshell, is a platform that connects clients looking for content on their sites with freelance writers willing to write that content.

The content I'm talking about here could be...

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • eBooks
  • Amazon reviews
  • Cover letters

You, as a writer, write content based on the instructions outlined by the client... simple as that.

Overall this place is pretty good and has potential. Even up to $100 a day is possible, although there are other options where you can make more.

If you got denied, just didn't care for iWriter, are looking to sign up for multiple freelance writing sites, or whatever the case... here are some other good options for you...

Included: 15 alternatives + another lucrative option at the end

Here Are 15 Good Alternatives:

Freelance writing sites like iWriter..

If you are looking for the closest possible alternatives, those listed below are your best bets. These are all platforms that deal specifically with connecting clients looking for content with freelancers looking to get paid to write content.

Some things differ, like their pay structures, writer levels, etc... but the basics of what they offer both writers and clients are the same.

There are also other related ways to make money on some of these platforms, such as by proofreading and article rewriting, both of which help to ensure quality content for clients.

1. Constant Content

CC is a pretty reputable place with a large base of clients and freelancers. Apparently they even serve high-end clients like Walgreens.

You can find some of the better freelance writers making up to $80 an article.. and according to CC themselves, making as much as $90k a year.

The application process involves filling out some typical information, taking a quiz and submitting a short 100-250 word writing sample.

2. Textbroker

This site is fairly popular, so if you have been looking into alternatives to iWriter for any length of time there is a good chance you came across it. They also work with some well known brands.

At Textbroker they pay a bit differently... per word. You can make anywhere from 1.3 cents to 7.2 cents per word, which can be pretty good.

When signing up you will submit a short writing sample and this will be graded and given a rating based on its quality. This rating will then determine your pay starting out.


One thing you may notice about this site after landing on it is that they offer clients articles at some extremely low prices... which gets you thinking... can I even make good money here?

They don't offer quite the potential as some of the others, but you can still make up to $20 an article which might be okay if you are just starting out.

Here the signup process is a bit more lenient. Although suggested, there is no need to provide a sample article.

4. WriterAccess

WriterAccess isn't as large as places like Textbroker, but they have some pretty good offerings. The pay ranges from 2-10 cents per word in their "general marketplace" and if you are good enough to become part of their "pro marketplace" you can even earn more.

Writers are given a star rating based on their quality of work (by first submitting a sample writing) and the higher rating you have the more you get paid per word.

That said, they do take a pretty big cut... 30% commissions.

Some writing projects are simple and don't require much effort while others require a lot more, some you even need to interview for.

5. WriterBay

WriterBay has a good opportunity but is a little more picky when it comes to their freelancer base. They only bring people on board who have a bachelor's degree and look for writers with knowledge in a variety of different areas. The focus is on writing academic papers.

The pay, as usual, ranges a lot based on the project. Both part-time and full-time earning is possible.

When applying you will have to submit proof of a bachelor's degree along with sample work, and pass a few tests.

Other freelance sites..

6. Upwork


8. Guru

Upwork,, Guru... these are all very well known freelance sites that connect freelancers with clients. The difference between them and those listed in the beginning is that these sites accept freelancers of all kinds.

Clients come to these sites to hire people for programming, developing, graphic design, marketing, finance, etc. etc.... and of course... writing.

Looking for a writing 'gig'?..

9. Fiverr

Fiverr is another popular freelance site. Here you can build your own little freelance brand around yourself and attract clients.

The reason it is called "Fiverr" is because gigs start out at $5... but you have the ability to charge a lot more than that for top-notch services.

I'm listing this under 'gigs' but really it's not much different from a lot of the other freelance sites. It just seems to cater a little more to the gig economy, that's all.

Job search sites & job boards for freelance writers..

10. Flexjobs

As the name suggests, this place is all about connecting people with jobs that are flexible. There are many different types of jobs you can find here, including writing jobs that could be remote, part-time, etc.

One big problem with a lot of freelance sites and job boards is scams. With Flexjobs each listing is carefully screened so you can rest assured that you will get paid as you should.

Lots of opportunity here.

11. BloggingPro

This place is more of just a job board that could be quite useful if you are on the prowl for a freelance writing job. Clients post their jobs here and anyone can go and view the listings... no need to create an account.

If you find a job you like, you can simply apply for it and will be redirected to the site where you can do this.

You are bound to see listings for sites that you know. There are some jobs offering stable long-term hours with some pretty good pay. It's worth taking a look at if this is what you are looking for.


On this job site you can find all sorts of different jobs dealing with writing, however, it would be better for someone looking for a more stable writing job rather than a freelance position. 

There are many different full-time position postings. Some are remote position but most postings are not.

It's a great source for finding good writing jobs but the unfortunate fact that many are not remote positions might make it something that you aren't looking for.

13. FreelanceWritingJobs

Formerly called FreelanceWritingGigs, this is a site you can use to make finding such jobs much easier. Basically what they do is go out and find good freelance writing jobs that you may like from other sources. They do the dirty work of scouring the web looking for these opportunities.

Much of the jobs they find come from other places that I already listed. 

14. FreelanceWriting

FreelanceWriting is another job board where clients go and post their jobs for all to see. The way this would benefit you is you would easily be able to scroll through all the available jobs.

That's about all they do though. When you apply for a job you will be directed to the particular website to do so.

You will find all sorts of positions posted here: freelance, full-time, part-time, remote, etc. No need to create an account to view the listings.


15. Craigslist

Yes... Craigslist. This site may not be the most appealing, but I definitely wouldn't not count it out just yet. There is plenty of opportunity here.

While you aren't guaranteed to find a job you'd like by any means, there very well could be listings that you are interested in. You just have to put this on your list of sites to regularly check if this is the route you want to take.

No type of writing job is off-limits here. You find it all.

How Much Money Can You Realistically Make?

This is an incredibly difficult question to answer because of the many different job types, pays structures, etc that you will find on these various sites.

That said, it is definitely possible to make a living as a freelance writer or as an employed writer.

HOWEVER... if you are going to get into freelance writing, which I'm guessing you are probably interested in since the main point of this post is to talk about "sites like iWriter" which is freelance, then you have to be aware that you will not make much when starting out.

The freelance platform Constant Content claims that their top writers are making $90k and higher a year... but you can sure as heck bet that they didn't start out anywhere near that.

When it comes to freelance work it is a bit difficult to get started in. You start out with no reputation and no one really trusts you. Reputation comes with good work and good ratings. Once you build a reputation you will more easily get clients and there will be those that stick around.

It's possible even with freelance to have regular earnings after building relationships with clients and gaining trust.

Beware of Scams

I also want to give quick warning about scams. 

Some of these platforms don't do the greatest job at screening their client's listings. So just look for any signs that are unusual and avoid jobs that seem a bit strange.

You are unlikely to be scammed but it's always possible.

Another Great Option for Freelance Writers

Have you ever considered starting your own blog/website?

Seriously... it can be very rewarding. I know this personally because this is what I actually do for a living... I make blogs/websites and monetize them in a variety of different ways, such as affiliate marketing.

The reason I think this is a potential path that you might really like is because writing is a big part of the job. But the good thing is that you work for yourself and write what you want to write... not cater to the demands of clients.

  • No boss
  • Lots of income potential and ways to monetize
  • As flexible as it gets
  • You write what you want to write

There are lots of upsides.

The downside is that it takes a while to get things going... meaning to get your website established and earning money. But in the meantime you could always do freelance writing.

Do freelance writing and create your own website on the side, or vice versa.

Why do you think all these clients are paying people to write for them? 

It's because they are making more money from your writing than they are paying you. So why not just write for yourself on your own site? It makes sense to me and I know.

But anyways... it's just a thought. If interested I would highly recommend this training to get started (same training I used). You can also read a more in-depth post I wrote explaining everything here.

Comments or questions?

Leave them below and I'll get back to you soon 🙂

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Writing To Wealth Scam – Review of

Writing To Wealth scam

Writing To Wealth claims to be an amazing opportunity to make money online as a writer. They tell you that there are writers needed and that it is “urgent”, but should you really believe everything that they tell you? Or is Writing To Wealth a scam that is just going to lead you on and waste your time?

In this review I will be going over all that you need to know about this place. Spoiler alert: this is not the incredible writing opportunity that it is claimed to be. If you are thinking about buying into this you are seriously going to want to read this over and reconsider.

Writing To Wealth Review

If you enter your name and email on the homepage you are taken to a second page that gives you more information on everything.

You are told that you will get paid to write short articles and will be able to write on thousands of different topics, getting paid for each article that you write. They also tell you that you will be creating content for thousands of blogs in getting paid, which is pretty much saying the same exact thing with different words.

How much will you be able to make with this? Well they lead you to believe that you will be able to make unlimited income for the most part, but this is very misleading. In fact, they provide an income calculator on the sales page where you can enter in different numbers, such as how many articles you will be writing per day, how many days a week you will be working, average pay per article you write, etc.

What’s funny is that this income calculator is complete BS. It just pulls numbers out of the blue to calculate your “potential yearly income”. As you can see below I put that I am going to write blog posts 35 days out of the week… Which is funny because there are only seven days in a week of course.

This income calculator is just to get people excited but holds no truth to the numbers that spits out at you.

Something else that caught my eye on the sales page was the $50 bonus that they say they are offering. Writing To Wealth tells you that they will give you a $50 bonus after you complete your first writing job. All you have to do is email them and they will send out this bonus via PayPal.

However, this is obviously just a little marketing stunt that is another lie. How can they possibly be paying people these $50 bonuses when the cost of purchasing a membership for Writing To Wealth only costs $34? It makes no sense from a business standpoint and it is an obvious lie.

What You Get With Writing To Wealth

There is a good chance that even after going through the sales page you still don’t really know what you’re getting into. This is because he sales pages filled with a bunch of BS that is misleading and makes you think this is the greatest opportunity on earth.

At the core of what you are getting is a database that provides a list of writing jobs that are available. You get access to this database so that you can hopefully get some high-paying writing jobs.

In a nutshell what you will be doing is freelance writing. There are all sorts of clients out there that are looking for people to write articles, blog posts, emails, social media posts, etc. for them online and many of them look for freelancers to do so. So basically what this place does is helps you find these clients that are looking for freelancers.

However… There are plenty of other freelance marketplaces out there that are free to use, such as Upwork and

So the question is why not just use these other free sites? Why buy a membership for Writing To Wealth?

Well, in addition to the database you will also get some writing tools that will supposedly make your job a lot easier, however these seem not be anything very special and are low-quality.

Not Nearly As Easy As It Sounds

On the sales page they are very misleading about these writing jobs that you can get paid for. They lead you to believe that you will just be able to pick any job you want, do the writing, and get paid. However… Things don’t work like this.

When it comes to freelance writing like this you do not just pick out the jobs you want and automatically get them. The client picks the writer for the job. What you have to do is apply as well as everyone else, in the client will pick who they want to perform the work.

There is competition for freelance writing jobs and this is one of the problems that I have with Writing To Wealth… They provide no information or training on this. Write Your Way To 1K does a much better job at helping people really become freelance writers. It covers everything from landing jobs to actually performing the writing.

Just Another Overhyped Product

Writing To Wealth seems to be just another overhyped product that isn’t really worth anyone’s money. If anyone buys in based on the misleading information provided in the sales pitch but are just going to have very unrealistic expectations and will end up disappointed in the end.

The only reason people are promoting this program and claiming that it is amazing is because they are getting paid to do so. Writing To Wealth does have an affiliate program so people can make money promoting this.

Final Thoughts

Is Writing To Wealth a scam? The answer to this depends on what your definition of a scam is. This program does provide some value but there is no doubt that they mislead you on the amount of value actually provided. They lead you to believe that you are going to easily land these high-paying writing jobs if you become a member, which is not true.

You can absolutely buy into this if you want to. It is your money and you can do with it what you want, but I certainly am not going to be recommending this. There is nothing provided that I think is even worth paying for. As I said, there are freelance marketplaces that are free to use out there where you can find writing jobs. You don’t have to pay for some database in the tools provided here I don’t think are worth the money either.

Something Else You Might Like

Since you are looking to get paid to write, you may want to consider doing what I do. About 97% of my job consists of writing, but I am not a freelance writer. What I do is create simple blog-style websites, like the one you are on now, and make money by doing this via advertising and promoting products on my websites.

What is nice about this is that I work for myself and the income potential is a lot greater doing so. You also get to make your own rules and don’t have to cater to clients, which can be a pain.

It may sound complicated, creating your own websites and all, but it really is not. You can read my post on how I went from $0 to over $6000 a month online to learn more. In it I go over what exactly I do, how it all works, and go over how to get started if you are a beginner.

So anyways… That is something else to consider it and that would probably be my suggestion if you are looking to get into writing online.

Please leave any questions, comments, or concerns below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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Is Writer Access a Scam? – What You Should Know

is writer access a scam

If you are a writer looking to make money online the WriterAccess is one of your options. This place pays writers per word based on their writing abilities. But is this site worth your time really? Or is Writer Access a scam in one way or another that you should be avoiding?

In this review I’ll be answering those questions as well as going over how this writing platform works. I’ll go over how it works, how much money you can make, the application process in case you are interested and want to apply, complaints and more.

Writer Access Review

Writer Access is a content sourcing platform. They have over 15,000 freelancers working for them and plenty of clients. Basically how it works is clients that are looking for writers for their website, magazine, blog, etc. posted their project on the platform and then freelancers, which could be you, are able to complete the project and get paid per word that they write.

There are many different types of writing projects that you will find on this platform because there are many different clients out there with different needs. It can help if you have expertise in legal work, the medical field, etc., because some clients need writers with expertise in these areas, but this is not necessary to find writing jobs.

One of the great aspects of having a freelance writing job on a content mill platform like this is that you get to work however much you want from anywhere you want. As long as you submit your work on time you are good to go.

How It All Works

Once on board (after the application process which I’ll go over soon) you will be able to go through the listings of writing jobs available and pick what you want to do, or “claim” different jobs as they say.

There is a list of different assignments you can pick from,. You will be able to view an assignment and then it gets taken off the list, You will then have 1 hour to either accept or deny it. If you deny the assignement then it goes back onto the list for other writers to see and claim.

The details of the assignement will be outlined but if you need clarification on anything you will be able to communicate with the client through the platform.

After submitting your work the client can either approve or disapprove of it.

Once the client approves (hopefully they will) you will be able to claim another job. After successfully completing 10 you will then be able to claim up to 3 at a time instead of waiting for the clients to approve each one before claiming another. Once you get ot 100 and then 500 approved you will be able to claim more at one time.

Casting Calls

Based on your profile you will receive email notifications when casting calls are made for a writer that fits your description. This is one reason why making a detailed profile to really sell yourself is important.

Clients send out these casting calls explaining the assignement and what they are looking for. Then writers who might be a good fit are notified.

How Much Can You Make?

The pay varies a lot depending on your writing level. Your pay rate will be determined based on online tests, portfolio reviews, performance, and reviews from clients. The good thing is that if you start out at a low pay level you will be able to work your way up as long as you perform well.

  • 1.4 cents per word – Level 2
  • 2.8 cents per word – Level 3
  • 4.2 cents per word – Level 4
  • 5.6 cents per word – Level 5
  • 7.0 cents per word – Level 6

Making 1.4 cents per word as a level 2 writer isn’t all that great. In fact I would say it’s pretty bad. However, if you are a level 2 writer your goal probably isn’t to stay there forever. You would probably be hoping to advance and make more.

At level VI, making seven cents a word… That’s pretty darn good. If you were to write a 1000 word article that would bring you in $70.00.

As far as cashing out goes, you will get paid via PayPal. There is a requirement that you have at least $10 to cash out before you can do so.

How Does This Compare To Other Places?

Writer Access is one of the better content mills out there and they have a good reputation because of this. However… There are other options that pay good, one of which being Textbroker.

At Textbroker they also pay per word based on your writing level, paying 1.3 – 7.2 cents per word. So there really is not much of a difference at all, but if you for some reason don’t get hired at Writer Access you could try applying at Textbroker. It’s a good alternative.

The Application Process

When applying you will be required to submit a writing sample. This writing sample will be used to assess your writing level and determine your starting wage per word. But like I said… If you get a lower score than you were expecting it is not the end of the world. You will be able to advance up to levels based on performance.

In addition to this you will have to submit your resume and fill out details about yourself online.  It could take a few weeks to be hired so be patient.


Might Not Earn Much

As I have one over, the pay varies a lot. If you are not that good of a writer then you cannot expect to earn that much. That is just the way it is. Writers that are at level 6 are earning five times the amount as writers at level 2 per word that they write.

I’ve looked around a good bit online, reading writer reviews on sites like Glassdoor and this is one of the common complaints I’ve seen. However, it is not very legitimate complaint. Why should someone get paid as much as someone else when they do not write on the same level as that other person. It makes perfect sense to have differences in pay rates like this.

Clients Have Too Much Power

One problem that you might run into, but hopefully not, are clients that abuse their power. Clients have the power to approve or disapprove of your writing submission. As you can imagine, if they disapprove you are not going to earn your money like you should. Unfortunately, some clients are a-holes and will disapprove for rather stupid reasons.

Now I will say that Writer Access seems to do a good job at keeping clients from abusing their power in taking advantage of writers, but this is something you should still be aware of because it does happen. I wouldn’t worry about it too much though.

Final Thoughts

Writer Access is definitely not a scam first of all. They are a legitimate content mill and although content mills have a fairly bad reputation for being low-paying, this is one of the better ones out there.

Is it worth your time? Well that is entirely up to you. That all depends on how much you are willing to work for and what level of writer you are, which you might not know until after applying.

Some people turn this into a full time income while others just do this to earn a little extra money on the side. One thing you can be sure of is that the people that do work as a writer your full time take their assignments very seriously and more than likely have many clients that have “favorited” them and keep coming back for more work.

Something Else You Might Be Interested In

Something else you might be interested in since you are a writer is how I make money online. Basically what I do is create small blog-type websites, like this one, where I write about whatever I want and earn money promoting products + advertising.

I’ve been doing this since 2015 and currently make a living doing it. The nice thing is that I work for myself and don’t have any clients or anything like that.

If this is something you think you’d be interested in that you can click the button below to see how it all works and how beginners can get started doing the same.

Feel free to leave any comments, questions, or concerns below and I will get back to you as soon as I can :). Also, if you have your own review of WriterAccess I would appreciate it if you left it down below as well. I’m sure other readers can benefit from what you have to say.

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My Freelance Paycheck Review
Freelance Writing Jobs

Is My Freelance Paycheck a Scam? – My Review

My Freelance Paycheck Review

My Freelance Paycheck is a program presented by a woman named Laura Pennington that claims to provide you with a “little-known secret” to earning $1000-$3000 per month. But are these claims real or is this all just hypes to lure people into the program? Is My Freelance Paycheck a scam that is just going to be a waste of your time?

To answer that, no this place is not a scam. However, it is not for everyone. In this review I’ll be going over what exactly this program is, what it provides, how much money you can make with it, who I would recommend it for and who I would not recommend it for, and more.

My Freelance Paycheck Review

If you just came across this program there is a good chance you watch the video presentation for it. In the video presentation Laura tells you that people were earning $1000-$3000 per month with this “little-known secret”. She tells you that it is completely legal, and has nothing to do with surveys or data entry. It is for regular people just like you according to her.

Then she goes on to tell you that what you will be doing is typing words into your computer. The more you type the more you earn…

But what the heck is this opportunity that she is teasing? She talks about clients paying people to write into their computers and says that you just “type what clients with money want”.

Apparently people need content for their blogs, they need short reports written, white papers written, etc.

So what is she talking about? Well it’s called freelance writing and it’s really not that much of a secret.

What Is Freelance Writing?

Freelance writing is when you work as in independent writer for clients and get paid to do so. There are many different freelance job sites out there where people will pay you to write for blog posts, product listings, reports, white papers, etc. Much of the different writing jobs, or gigs, that you will find on freelance sites like this consist of writing content for websites.

There are many different freelance platforms out there. Upwork, Fiverr, Textbroker, Truelancer, and many others are freelance platforms. Clients, which could be individuals or business owners, will post different projects that they are looking for someone to complete and then you as a freelancer will be able to apply to complete those projects. Of course there will be competition from other freelancers who are also trying to get the projects and this is what makes it difficult. This is where My Freelance Paycheck comes into play.

My Freelance Paycheck Will Help You Become a Freelance Writer

With this program by Laura Pennington you are provided with training on how you can become a freelance writer and are set on the right path so that you can hopefully become successful and earn good money doing so.

What You Get With My Freelance Paycheck

This program consists of a video training series, an e-book, and an audiobook. The video training is short and compact while the e-book is very long and detailed at 156 pages.

The training is focused on writing valuable content, research, organization and self-management, marketing yourself on these different freelance databases (Upwork, Fiverr, etc), interacting with clients and so on. It provides a bit of training on pretty much every part of the job, from actually being able to go out and get jobs and doing the writing of the job.

Could all of this information in the course be found online for free?

The answer is yes, but you can find pretty much any information online for free nowadays. The point of buying a course like this is to have all the information already gathered for you and laid out in a nice step-by-step manner. It’s all about convenience and it is also about being provided the right information. There is also a law of misinformation out there and if you were to do your own research you would have to filter through all the BS to find what works.

How Much Can You Make Doing This Stuff?

There are many people that earn a comfortable living doing freelance writing like what she teaches you. However… Do not expect to make a living, or even close to it, when you’re just starting out.

Freelance writing is not a “secret” like you are led to believe it is in the video presentation. This stuff is well-known and there is a lot of competition from other freelance writers out there for jobs. On the different freelance job websites out there the clients will have the ability to select a freelancer after reviewing all of the candidates who applied for the job. So it’s not like you will just be going out, choosing jobs, and getting them. The only way you get them is if you get selected above the other people who have applied for them. This is the hard part.

The different freelance job sites out there have reputation systems in place where you will receive reviews from clients and be able to build up your reputation within the community. This is a big deal and when you’re just starting out you have no reputation so it will be much more difficult to find a job then people who have been doing this for a while. Of course you have to start somewhere with any job, usually at the bottom, but I’m just making a point to let you know that you cannot expect much when you’re starting.

If you do a good job many clients will end up coming back to you for more work later on, so you also be able to build up your clientele base which will have somewhat of a snowball effect the longer you do it.

Even With My Freelance Paycheck You Will Not Make Much To Start

Even if you do by this course you will not make much to start, but hopefully it will have you earning more money faster than if you did not purchase it.

It provides you with training on marketing yourself, building a client base, writing good content and all of that so hopefully it should do exactly this, but of course results will vary depending on how well you can actually apply what is covered in the training in real life.

Final Thoughts on My Freelance Paycheck – Worth Buying?

First off, My Freelance Paycheck is definitely not a scam. I will say that the video presentation is a tad misleading but what advertisements aren’t misleading nowadays?

This course only cost $47 and provides you with a good bit of information that will be useful, especially if you are a beginner and completely new to this. If you already have experience with freelance writing or something in this realm then this might not be that great of a choice for you. But if you are a beginner I would say that you should at least consider buying into this.

Another good course for aspiring freelance writers is Elna Cain’s course Write Your Way to 1K. Her course is more expensive but it is also more detailed in my opinion much better overall. Much of the time you get what you pay for with programs like this so if you are looking for more basic information and a little bit of guidance then My Freelance Paycheck is a good choice, but if you’re looking for a more detailed training course with more hand-holding and guidance then Write Your Way to 1K is the better choice. Both programs are good though for what you pay.

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BKA Content
Freelance Writing Jobs

What Is BKA Content? – Scam or Good Way to Make Money Online?

BKA ContentIf you have a knack for writing and want to try your luck writing articles for website owners online then BKA Content is one of the options out there that you have. And I’d say its one of the better options. They are a trusted company that has been around for a while and has a pretty good reputation.

In this review I’ll be going over some important things to know beforehand, such as what is BKA Content, the positions they offer, requirements, how much you will get paid, complaints and more.

What Is BKA Content?

BKA Content is a content provider. Basically what they do is connect clients that are looking for articles, blog posts, etc to freelance writers that are willing to write these things. Other similar sites include Contena and Textbroker.

Clients that need content for their website, their social media page, or where ever, can go onto the BKA Content site and select what content product they want. These include things like you see below…

Then the client gives more detailed information on what they are looking for and the project is picked up by a freelance writer, potentially yourself.

The overall view of this place is pretty good. They have good ratings and can pay pretty good (more on this).

Writing Positions Offered

They offer several different writing positions which include…

  • SEO Content Writer – For this position you will be writing SEO articles, blogs, etc. You will be targeting specific keywords in order to get your article/blog ranked in the search engine for your client. Keywords will be provided.
  • Premium Content Writer – Here you will be writing more informative blogs, social media posts, and meta descriptions.
  • Web Content Writer – There is a lot that fit into this category… job descriptions, web pages, CV’s are all on the table.
  • Product Description Writer – Pretty simple here. You will be writing descriptions for products being sold.


In order to be eligible you must…

  • Be a US citizen
  • Have Microsoft Word
  • Have internet
  • Have a Gmail account
  • Be able to write a minimum of 2,000 words a week
  • Have a PayPal account (to get paid)
  • Have decent English grammar
  • Be at a college writing level or higher

*You are also eligible if you have a green card.

And then of course on top of this they are also looking for people who they can depend on and who are self-motivated. There isn’t going to be a boss breathing down your neck here so you will have to push yourself to get things done.

How The Job Works

As a freelancer you have a lot of freedom when it comes to this job. You will be able to pick and choose what projects you want to work on. You can skim through the various offers and pick ones that look good, and of which you are qualified for.

You will then be able to see the requirements and what the client is looking for. Simply write up the article, submit it before the deadline, wait for it to get checked and get paid.

How Much Will You Make?

The pay can vary a lot based on how fast you are able to type and how good of a writer you actually are.

According to BKA Content, most writers make between $8-$14 starting out and then up to $12-$18 or more after they have completed the training. I have even read reviews from users that are making over $20 per hour, although this is rare.

You will be able to make between 1.3 – 5 cents per word,  which depends on your writing level. So two things that need factored in when you are determining how much you might possibly make are your writing level and how fast you can type.

When it comes to a work schedule there really isn’t one. You must be able to write at least 2,000 words per week but you can go way above this if you choose to. You will be able to pick the work you want to complete as long as you are qualified to do so. From what I’ve read there is a fairly high number of projects that clients need writers for on this platform so with a high demand the opportunity is good.

Payments are made through Paypal every 2 weeks.


Low Pay

Some writing projects pay extremely little. Down to 1 cent per word according to some reviews I’ve read. However I’ve read others that say the minimum is 1.3 cents per word. But anyways… either way it can be very low.

While some projects are very easy to complete others are more difficult and users complain they should be worth more.


As one review put it that I read: there is a lot of “red tape” when it comes to training. You will have to jump through hoops, many of which are seen as unnecessary to the writers. It can be a pain for sure but this is nothing to avoid this place over the way I see it.

“Fake Reviews”

It can be difficult to determine what reviews are real and what are fake. I always read through reviews on anonymous job review sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. Its a good way to get a feel for what others think of everything but inevitably there are always some fake reviews trying to make a company look better or worse than it actually is.

According to at least one review from a writer, many of the “good” reviews that you see are fake. I’m sure there are some fakes but I don’t know how this person could possibly know this. I think this individual happened to have a really bad experience and let their anger get the best of them.

Conclusion on BKA Content – Good Opportunity?

Of course you are going to have complaints with any opportunity out there.. no matter how good it is. From what I see here BKA Content is a decent opportunity that you might want to look into further if interested. The company is legit and there are a good amount of writers that have had pleasant experiences.

Something else you might be interested in that I think you should take a look at is how I make a living online. Basically what I do is write blog posts for my own websites (like this one) and get paid for it. Of course there is more to it than just this but you can learn all about it in my guide I wrote Here. In the guide I go over how it all works and how others can get started doing the same.

Whats nice about what I do is I work for myself, which gives even more freedom. But anyways… you can check out my make money online guide here.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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Freelance Writing Jobs

Is ReviewStream a Scam? – Review of This Money Making Opportunity

ReviewStreamReviewStream ( is a review site that will pay ordinary people to review products that they already have, or had. But is this site worth your time and even more importantly… is ReviewStream a scam?

I know there are a lot of people looking into this site because they are interested in making money online, which is the reason I’m writing this review. In this review I’ll be going over how it all works, how much you can make, complaints that people have and more.

ReviewStream Review

To many people Review Stream probably looks like a scam. The site seems a little rusty and looks like its from the early 2000’s…. and well… that’s probably because it is.

The site has been around since 2005 and judging from the looks of it I’m guessing it hasn’t changed much.

How it Works

Its pretty simple… they pay you to write reviews. But they are different from many of the other review sites like this.

Its not like they are going to send you sample products and have you review them or anything like that. Instead… you will get to choose what you want to review. You can review anything that you have or have had.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of different things you can write a review on. Below you can see all the categories and the many products that fall into these categories. There is no doubt that there is definitely some products that anyone would be able to review here.

You will be able to rate the product you are reviewing from 1-10 and they are looking for you to write 250 words or more.

Its also important to give your opinion. They don’t want you explaining how to use a products or anything like that. They want to hear what you think about it.

How Much Will You Make?

The simple answer is not much. You will earn between $0.50 and $2.5 for each review. From what I hear you can also earn $0.10 when your review gets a vote as well.

Earning potential depends on what category your review falls into: Bulk or Review.

If you write a good review then it will fall into the normal Review classification. But if you write one that leaves more to be desired and is overall poor quality then it will fall under Bulk. The pay for a Bulk review is only 1/5 the normal pay.

On top of all of this you will also be able to earn 2% commissions on the money your referrals make, which in my opinion is nothing.

Getting Paid

You will first have to write 10 reviews before you are eligible to get paid. Additionally you will have to meet an account balance requirement which means you will have to write more than 10.


Its important for me to go over the complaints about ReviewStream because…. well… there are a lot of complaints. Many of these complaints from other reviewers I found on sites like SiteJabber.

Rejected Reviews

There are tons of complaints on reviews being rejected and this is definitely something to consider if you are thinking about joining.

Many people claim that their reviews are rejected for no rhyme or reason. They say that ReviewStream doesn’t know what they want and will ask you for one thing and then reject it.

Judging from some of the harsh reviews out there it seems that they really make an effort to not pay you for your work. But of course you can’t always trust every complaint you read… many of them were written out of anger and often are exaggerated.

Unprofessional Site

You can tell that the site is very unprofessional just by looking at it. It contains many poor quality reviews with poor images, is messy & hard to navigate, and just looks like a website from the early 2000’s.

Navigating around and actually finding the product that you want to review can be a real hassle. Sometimes it seems its better to just give up. There is no simple search box where you can look up any product that you want to easily. You are going to have to waste a lot of time searching around.

And of course the admins of the site don’t seem to be very helpful and don’t set out very good guidelines for writing “acceptable” reviews.

Conclusion on ReviewStream – Scam or Good Opportunity?

There are a fair number of complaints going around about this place being a scam but honestly I don’t see it being one. You can make money writing reviews here it just seems that its rather unprofessionally run and because of this there are plenty of things to complain about… such as it being hard to navigate and reviews being rejected for reasons that don’t make much sense.

The best feature of this site I would have to say is the sheer amount of products that you are able to review. You can review just about anything… its finding the products that you want to review that is the hard part.

Some other sites that you might be interested in that will pay you for your opinion include Swagbucks & PaidViewPoint. These are definitely better quality sites than ReviewStream, however they don’t pay much either. If you are looking for a way to legitimately earn good money in your spare time online I would suggest this program. I’ve been a member since 2015 and make very good money with it.

==> Program I recommend here

Comments or questions? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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Freelance Writing Jobs

Truelancer, Scam or Good Freelance Site for Making Money Online? – Review

TruelancerIf you are looking to make money freelancing on you first need to know if this site is legit and whether or not you should be using it. If you are wondering if Truelancer is a scam or not then you are in the right place.

In this review I’ll be going over how this site works, how you get work as a freelancer, pay, complaints and more.

Truelancer Review

Truelancer is a freelancer platform similar to Fiverr & Upwork. On this platform individuals or businesses can post jobs that include a wide variety of things such as customer service, data entry, content writing, accounting, IT & programming, graphic design, marketing, and more. The freelancers on the site can can then perform whatever project it is that a client needs completed and get paid for it.

This could be something very simple like creating a basic logo for a website or it would be something that takes a while to do such as write a 5,000 blog post. There are all sorts of projects that clients will post on this site so there are always new things that you will find.

How It Works

When you join Truelancer as a freelancer it is important to make your profile as lively and inviting as possible. Its not like you can just go out and choose any project that you want on this site and get accepted for it. The client is the one who will choose you or not and if your profile is a mess then you likely won’t get picked. I would suggest taking your time creating a profile and really make it clear what you are good at and what you have to offer. Make note of any accomplishments or anything that makes you a qualified candidate for the types of jobs you are going to be shooting for.

Getting Jobs

Truelancer has a bidding system that is typical of freelance sites like this.

Basically how this all works is like this: You are able to see a list of all the projects that are available in which you could potentially work on. But there are other freelancers wanting to get paid for completing these projects as well. So what you do is submit a proposal for the job to the client through Truelancer. What you will be able to do here is write to them about why you are a good pick for the job. Its important to read over the project carefully and really put some extra time in making each proposal specific to the particular job.

It can be tough starting out as a freelancer on sites like this because there will be others that have been around for quite some time and have built up a good reputation with good ratings. For this reason it probably isn’t the best choice to go after jobs that are really popular and tons of people are bidding on. Its best to go after the lower paying, not-so-good jobs until you get some work under your belt.

Something else you can do to get paid for work and build up your reputation is participate in contests. Truelancer allows clients to host contests in which everyone is free to participate in. At the end of a contest, after your work is submitted, the client will pick the freelancer’s work that they feel is best for them.

So an example of a contest could be a for a website logo (again) where everyone participating would create a logo and the client would choose the best one. Usually the contests are for shorter projects that don’t take too much time.


Most of the complaints that I found while researching online come from clients and not the freelancers. Some of these include having to pay in full when only half of the work was completed by the freelancer, having trouble communicating back and forth with the freelancer, and others.

On the flip side of this I guess if you are freelancer you might consider this good…. because now you can go and only complete half of the projects but get paid in full! But no, seriously… don’t do that. And besides I’m not sure how common of a problem this actually is but I did find multiple complaints on it.

I also found some complaints from freelancers about there not being enough jobs in people’s particular area of skill… but this just depends. It seems to me that there are a good amount of jobs but if your skill isn’t in high demand then of course it will be more difficult to find work.

Conclusion on Truelancer – Good Opportunity?

Truelancer is definitely not a scam. They do have some problems they need to work out so that their platform provides better service, for clients in particular… but they are no scam. However… I would probably say that places like Upwork are better choices. Upwork is just a better quality platform but the downside to it is that it is much more popular and might make it more difficult for you to find work. Another good option for freelance work if you are a writer is Contena.

But anyways… do what you want. Truelancer isn’t a scam but whether or not you want to join this site is up to you.

Something else that I would suggest looking at since you are looking to make money online in your free time is this program. I’ve been a member since 2015 and make a living with it online now… which speaks for itself.

==> Learn more about recommended program here

Questions or comments? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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Freelance Writing Jobs

Is Contena a Scam? – Honest Review of It

ContenaIf you are looking to make money online with a freelance writing job then Contena is one of the options you have. But is this place any good? Or is Contena a scam that is just going to be a waste of your time?

Well I’ll tell you right now its definitely not a scam, but it still may not be a good choice for you. In this review I’ll be going over how this place works, what types of jobs you can get, who its good for and more.

Contena Review

Contena is a freelance writer job board. You can go there to find all sorts of writing jobs. If you are looking for a part time writing gig, a full time writing position, a job that pays $2k per month, one that pays $8k per month… etc… then Contena is worth looking into.

They have a variety of different writing jobs on their site and are one of the better job boards out there when it comes to freelance writing and finding good opportunities. Their job board is updated daily and with the many listing they have at any given time you are pretty much guaranteed to find a writing job/gig that you are interested in.

The downside is that they do charge a membership fee. You can join for free but you won’t be able to get full access to the site and all of its job finding features.

How It Works

Once inside you will be able to search through a massive list of job offerings. The amount will vary but you can expect there to be over 10,000. This is a massive number so you will be able to sort through them depending on what you are looking for.

You can sort them by their position type, such as: full-time, contract, agency, or paid on project submission. You will also be able to arrange your search by the category that the writing jobs fall into. So if you are looking to write about a specific thing, you will want to do this. And of course you will also be able to sort based on the pay that the jobs offer and the quality of writing that they are looking for. This filtering system that allows you to filter your results is called Contena Scout.

Just to give you a small example of what you are looking at here, here is a screenshot of several jobs available to me…

When you find a job that you want you will not be working for Contena. They are just finding you the positions. You will be working directly with the place that is actually hiring. This isn’t like Textbroker where you work and get paid from them.

Just Starting Out?

If you are new to the freelance writing world and not that good yet, Contena offers a training course called Contena Academy. This course provides training on various topics.

You will get video training, a written lesson, downloadable materials, and more. These lessons will cover everything from bettering your writing style, to compiling a great portfolio, to throwing a sales pitch and more.

You will also have a coach that will provide personal support throughout the course.

This training is included with the cost of the Contena membership.

PS: Another good choice for beginners is Elna Cain’s course Write Your Way to 1K

Who Its Good For

I consider Contena to be a good choice for aspiring freelance writers and even writers that are already established.

As I just went over, the academy will help get you up and running if you are new to all of this. And the main portion of the site, the job finder, presents lots of opportunities for people with different skill levels.

The Cost

For everything I just went over you will need the Contena gold subscription. For a year subscription you will need to pay $99/mo for 6 months. So you get a whole year membership but you only pay this for 6 months… weird I know.

This is a lot of money but it might be worth it for you. It just depends on your situation and what you are looking for.

Conclusion on Contena – Worth the Investment?

As I said, it really depends on your situation. For many people out there this won’t even be an option because $99 a month is too much to pay. But if you do have the money to spend and you are looking for a remote freelance writing job then there isn’t much better place to find one. You could use Upwork, and other freelance sites, but you won’t get the training nor will you be able to find as many good writing jobs as Contena.

Contena makes it very easy to find a surplus of jobs. And the good thing is that they are constantly updating what is available so you are always presented with new job offers.

Another Route to Take

Since you are looking into writing jobs you would probably be interested in making money online as I do. I make a living blogging on my own websites. About 99% of what I do consists of writing so its right up your alley. You can read more about what I do and how others can get started Here.

==> How I make a living writing online

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