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Freedom Checks – Scam or Can You Really Get Free Checks as a US Taxpayer?

freedom checksMatt Badiali claims that people all over the United States are receiving what he calls “freedom checks” and that pretty much any taxpayer can start getting these free checks.  But is this really true or is this whole freedom checks thing just a big scam? This is a very good question to ask. There is a lot of hype surrounding the information product he is trying to get people to buy and it honestly does really come off as a scam.

In this review I’ll be going over a few things you should know about all of this. There are some shady aspects to this all and I’m guessing you suspected this in the first place which is why you are reading my review here.

“Freedom Checks” Review

Update (May 2018)

As you can see from the original screenshot I took of this “freedom checks” opportunity, Matt was making it seem urgent that you take action by February 1st. Well now there is an updated version of the video presentation since that date has long passed. As I am updating this he is telling people that they need to take action before June 1st. And when that date passes it will just say another date.

But anyways… on to the meat of this review…

Matt Badiali is a veteran geologist that claims to make better investments than many of the leading financial advisers out there. One of his latest promotions is for what he calls “freedom checks”, which is similar to the “Congressional Checks” opportunity that you may have also heard of. But this isn’t the first. Matt is well known for his over-the-top sales pitches.

He claims that people all over the US are getting these freedom checks on a 3 month basis like clockwork, some collecting well over $100,000 per check. And he says that all you have to do is sign up to collect these checks.

And of course he is going to show you how to collect these checks if you buy a subscription to his information product called “Real Wealth Strategist”.

There are probably a couple different sales videos out there for this but the one I watched seemed extremely “salesy”. Nearly half of the video was just Matt going over all the different people all over the US who have made money with this. Over and over again he would introduce a picture of someone and talk about all the money they are making. And one thing that I want to point out is that these people don’t even exist. Matt is just making up names, getting pictures of people online and throwing them into the sales video.

Fake People

After the sales video went on and on about all the people that were making money with this it started to seem a bit fishy to me. I decided to do a reverse Google image search for some of the images used and found out that these people are NOT who Matt claims they are.

Take this one for example: Matt claims this guy is Ken Harding from Maryland but this is more than likely a stock photo that anyone can buy and use online. It is used on a number of different websites for different things…

And take a look at this one. Matt claims that this guy’s name is Larry Lysted… but guess what? Its not. I found that this picture is on a site about dementia…

The fact that he uses fake people and images in his presentation is a major red flag to me. I know it doesn’t mean that the product he is promoting is a scam or not, but it is definitely suspicious.

A Look at The Product

Like I said, the actual product that he is trying to get you to buy is called Real Wealth Strategist. This is a subscription service where he gives you advice and of course in this instance he claims he is going to show you how to get these freedom checks.

I did not purchase the product but apparently his Real Wealth Strategist subscription service provides investment advice on natural resources among other things.

From reading through a ton of reviews from people who did purchase the subscription, it seems that the sales pitch is very different from the product. In the sales video Matt was acting like you just sign up to claim your “freedom checks” but this doesn’t seem to be the case, as I was expecting. All you are really doing is investing in stocks.

Matt will show you the top 5 stocks to invest in to get these “freedom checks”. The money that he claims people are making with this is not just free money being handed out…. it is the dividends that are being paid out from the stocks that people are invested in.

Extremely Misleading Information

There are a good bit of complaints about Matt and his Real Wealth Strategist product, and it is no wonder why. The reason people are complaining is because they are buying in without really knowing what they are buying into. In his sales pitches he suckers people in without giving too much information. Of course you have to buy the product before you know what it is.

Before buying you are led to believe that people are collecting these “freedom checks” and that Matt is going to show you how to sign up to collect these. But after you buy in you realize that it is very different from this and that Matt is just giving you advice on what stocks to invest in, which you will earn dividends on…. Very misleading.

One of his older sales pitches for this product was called “magic metals” and it was very misleading in much of the same ways.

Scam or Not a Scam?

I guess it all depends on what your definition of a scam is. You are going to be getting value in the form of financial advice if you buy into this, but its very misleading and different from what you would probably expect.

Personally I stay away from products like this. I don’t really trust Matt because I know he is in it for the money. This all reminds me of James Altucher and his The Altucher Report subscription service, which is also very salesy and has many complaints. But when you read reviews online many of them are claiming that they are great products. This is because Matt has an army of affiliates promoting his products to make money, many of which probably have not purchased them.

What’s pretty funny is that Matt Badiali himself put out a video titled “Freedom Checks not a scam” that you can watch below. There have been so darn many complaints about this that he had to resort to this. Why not just create a more truthful video presentation in the first place rather than misleading people and then having to create a video like this?

But anyway… I’m glad he did create this video. In it he explains what a “freedom check” really is, which is a dividend payed out by a company you invest in as I said above.


So you do get financial investment advice with this service being promoted but don’t expect it to be as great as he claims it is. Buy into it if you would like, but I for one will not be. I would also suggest doing more research if you are still thinking about buying in. There are a lot of comments from people who have purchased the product on different sites out there that you can read.

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